Global Camp for high school students

What is the global experience?


This camp offers the opportunity to discuss and think about issues using English.
Additionally, you can discuss the issues of disaster-hit area with people from different countries and different perspectives.
Through a sales project, you can experience unique outlooks on life.

What level of English do I need?


IIn order to participate, you need to have at least a pre-2nd or 2nd grade on the English proficiency test.
English is the language of communication for most part of the program. Of course you do not have to worry about speaking and listening in English. We welcome guests who try to communicate in English actively.

This is my first time to volunteer or conduct business. Can I participate?


For high school students who are going to involve themselves in volunteering activities coupled with business for the first time, they can get the support from adults. The local people are also looking forward to meet you!

How should I prepare?


Please research Local community or the place you really want to visit on the Internet before coming. Please think about how you would present the attractive products and what the locals are like in Japanese and English.

Can I receive a certification for the program?


Yes, we will provide a certification of completion to all participants on the final day of the program. If you have a format designated by your school, please let us know.

I am worrying about taking part in Global Camp all alone. Can I join it?


Most of participants join Global Camp alone (without any known friend or family member). Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns. Volunteers will support you all through the program in case you require help.

Are international applications accepted?



Some applicants from overseas join the project during the summer vacation. You do not need to be worried even if you are not good at speaking Japanese.