Global Camp for high school students

Applying to Global Camp

Participation Fee

Participation Fee

48,000JPY/each  (Iwate/Miyagi or Nagano)

Participation Fee for two

90,000JPY (Iwate/Miyagi and Magano)


Discount for Experienced and Local Applicants

5,000JPY discount per camp
・Past participants for Global camp before
・Applicant from within the Iwate and Miyagi and Nagano prefecture ・Even those who have participated more than once have discounted 5,000 JPY per camp

Advance Application

3,000JPY discount per camp
・Participating at the discounted price who applied for the first deadline

Discount for participants of Tokyo seminar

Those who took part in the Tokyo seminar will receive a Global Camp Discount Coupon (5,000 JPY) each time.

Application guidelines


This program is for high school students of all grades who are interested in supporting the restoration work in the earthquake hit areas of Tohoku. If you are a junior high school student with a strong motivation and interest in this project please contact us for more information on joining the program.


This program is for high school students with English skills. In this program, the common language is English even when participants speak in Japanese.

Participants Number

Iwate/MIyagi 40pax.  
  Nagano 30pax.

Closing day

The 1st closing day 31/05/2017 (Result announcement: by 7/06/2017)
The 2nd closing day 30/06/2017 (Result announcement: by 7/07/2017)

*We will stop accepting applications once all the seats are filled.


We have professional NICE staff, Japanese bilingual staff (EN/JP), and NICE international staff.


We will provide you with a certification of completion on the final day of the program.

How to apply

1Apply to Global Camp

●Please apply from the follow pages.

The 1st closing day 31/05/2017 
The 2nd closing day 30/06/2017 

 ・Application form must be filled in by the applicants themselves.
 ・The student's motivation for this project is one of the primary selection criterion.

Apply here!

2What is included in participation fee.

Participation fee includes:

  1. Accommodation
  2. Food: 3 meals a day
  3. Travel expense in this project
  4. Cost of program
  5. Insurance

Participation fee does NOT include:

  1. Travel expense between your house and Meeting point.
  2. Personal expenses: other entertainment cost on sweets, internet, phone, etc.

3Acceptance Announcement

The 1st Result announcement: 7/06/2017
The 2nd Result announcement: 7/07/2017

4Payment Method

Pay your fees after enrollment either through the bank or using a credit card.
Remember, being “Registered” includes both enrolling in the camp and paying your fee.
If you miss the deadline, your application will be cancelled automatically.

5Cancellation Policy

Let us know through e-mail or phone immediately in the event of canceling your registration.
The total amount refunded is dependent on when we receive the cancellation notice from you. Below is listed the amount you will be refunded according to date.

Before 15th July, 2017
100% fee will be refunded
16th July--20th July, 2017
80% fee will be refunded
21st July--3 day before the camp
50% fee will be refunded
1-2 day before the camp
20% fee will be refunded
on the day of Global Camp
No refund is available